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'Deathwatch Overkill'
March 2, 2016
Games Workshop has announced Deathwatch Overkill, a new board game set in its iconic Warhammer 40,000 universe.
ICv2 Stars: 2 (out of 5)
May 27, 2016
Here's a review of Lost Patrol , published by Games Workshop.
Titan Comics SDCC Announcements
July 26, 2016
Comic-Con News: Titan Comics announced several new projects at San Diego Comic-Con.
From Titan Comics
September 13, 2016
Here is an exclusive preview of Warhammer 40,000 - Will of Iron #1 from Titan Comics.
'Warhammer 40,000 Build + Paint' Sets
September 22, 2016
Hoping to attract new modelers to the hobby, Games Workshop will launch a new line of introductory-level kits.
GW Announces Release Date, First Products
May 23, 2017
The long-awaited relaunch of Games Workshop’s iconic science fiction miniature game Warhammer 40,000 has been announced.
'Warhammer 40K,''Happy Salmon - Blue,' 'Dragonfire'
June 1, 2017
ICv2 attended the recent ACD Games Day exhibition and gathered information and images on upcoming games.
Column by Scott Thorne
October 23, 2017
This week, Scott Thorne takes a deeper look at the Games Workshop – WizKids deal.
New Codexes for Iconic Chapters
December 4, 2017
The next two sourcebooks for the new edition of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 will release this month.
Ian Starcher
January 24, 2018
Ulisses North America, the English-language division of Ulisses Spiele, has hired Ian Starcher as its new Director of Business Development.
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