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Over Twice as Many Down as Up
November 30, 2002
Finishing out a softer fourth quarter, comic store orders for the top comics were weaker in December, with over twice as many titles dropping (sixteen) as increased (seven) in the top 25.
A Busy Week in Tinseltown
November 23, 2002
Lots of projects of interest to pop culture retailers were bandied about in Hollywood this week with some projected as feature films and others as TV series.
Backlist Orders Shipping Now
November 21, 2002
ICv2 has learned that Marvel and Graphitti Designs have settled the dispute that had brought a halt to all shipments of Marvel t-shirts from Graphitti in September.
Not Enough To Replace Shortages
November 7, 2002
Shawn Hamilton of the Great Escape in Nashville, Tennessee responded to Bill Jemas' Open Letter to Retailers and Marvel's quick scheduling of a Must Have for The Truth with this comment on another aspect of Marvel's No Overprint policy (difficulty in replacing shortages), and a happy ending.
Masters of the Universe, Daredevil Target Premiere Strong
November 5, 2002
Following the trend established in October, comic store orders on most top comics slipped again in November, with only five of the top twenty-five posting increases (all below #15).
'Caused Me Great Concern'
October 31, 2002
Michael Tierney of the Comic Book Store in Little Rock, Arkansas and Collector's Edition in North Little Rock saw Bill Jemas' comments on oveprinting in conjunction with Marvel's plan to tweak its no overprint policy, and sent us this comment.
Night Thrasher In Development For UPN
October 23, 2002
The Hollywood Reporter has disclosed that UPN is developing a one-hour television series based on the character Night Thrasher from the Marvel New Warriors comic book. The Night Thrasher was a tech-savvy African American martial artist...
For Release in 2003
October 22, 2002
Tokyopop announced that it has acquired the rights to six manga series that it plans to release in the U.S. in 2003.
In September Top 10 Cool Lists
October 21, 2002
Evergreen properties were atop all five product categories of our Top 10 Cool lists for September. Batman was #1 in both comics and toys,...
Streets February 11
October 18, 2002
Fox Home Entertainment is 'double-dipping' -- coming back for a second helping of profits on the DVD edition of the hit X-Men movie.
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