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Wetworks Returns to Life
November 5, 2003
DC Comics announced, at the Las Vegas Diamond/Alliance Retailer Summit, that Judd Winnick will take over as the new writer of Batman for a six issue story arc beginning with issue #625. Art for the Winnick stories will be provided by Wildstorm artist Dustin Ngyuen.
Five Features Slated for 2004
November 4, 2003
During Marvel's conference call detailing its Q3 financial results, Avi Arad, who heads up Marvel's very successful Hollywood operation, made a number of interesting comments about the Marvel-based films slated for 2004 and beyond.
Over Mutant X
November 2, 2003
The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Tribune Entertainment has sued Marvel Enterprises for $100 million.
Will John Cusack Play Nite Owl?
October 29, 2003
Will Alan Moore's Watchmen ever make it to the big screen? There is no doubt that a large portion of comic fandom sincerely hopes that it will -- check out the accompanying faux movie poster created by a zealous Watchmen acolyte.
Plans Not Finalized Yet
October 26, 2003
An article in Publishers Weekly this week stirred up a major controversy in the comic book press, when it revealed that Marvel was planning to release full color, manga-size trade paperbacks of Sentinel , Mystique , and Runaways with price points of $7.99 or $8.99.
Speedy Gonzales Guests on Nov. 8
October 26, 2003
The Kids' WB is unveiling a new lineup on Saturday Nov. 1.
Nearly Complete Marvels--'62-'75
October 21, 2003
All About Books and Comics of Phoenix, Arizona has announced that it has acquired a major Marvel Silver and Bronze Age collection.
Key Marvel Silver Age Issues
October 21, 2003
The Marvel Comic Book Library Collection, Collector's Edition Vol. 1 collects an impressive array of important Marvel comics, on one CD-Rom for only $29.99 (MSRP).
To a 3-Year Exclusive Deal
October 16, 2003
Marvel has announced that it has signed veteran artist Alan Davis to a three-year exclusive contract.
After the Success of Taken
October 8, 2003
Flush with the success of the epic 20-hour Steven Spielberg Presents Taken , the Sci-Fi Channel has embarked on another mega-project with Spielberg, writer Les Bohem, and Dreamworks Television.
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