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HeroClix Streets with Spider-Man Movie
January 21, 2002
WizKids has announced the details of its licensed Marvel collectible miniatures game, which uses a dial base system similar to the Mage Knight system.
Over 650,000 Copies Ordered from Diamond U.S.
January 2, 2002
Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure topped the comic charts for January 2002, with over 650,000 copies ordered from Diamond U.S. prior to any late orders or reorders.
Quantity Estimates Based on Diamond Title Indexes and External Title Data
January 2, 2002
Estimated quantities for initial orders on comics shipping in January 2002 from pop culture stores ordering from Diamond U.S..
Norrington To Direct from James Robinson Script
December 16, 2001
Today's Variety reports that Fox is going full steam ahead with a film adaptation of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen .
Will Open on May 2
December 12, 2001
Fox announced today that the sequel to the hugely popular first X-Men film will be released on May 2, 2003, not in the winter of 2002 as had been rumored.
She Likes It
December 10, 2001
We got a quick response to Ilan Strasser's comments on Marvel's book pricing yesterday. Tricia Hovorka, President of, feels that Marvel's pricing represents a reasonable strategy and good value.
Only Three Movie Licenses for 2002 So Far
December 3, 2001
Inkworks, the North Carolina-based trading card manufacturer, has announced a portion of its 2002 schedule. So far the company has only announced three movie-based projects for 2002. The rest of the Inkworks lineup is based on television properties.
Bowen Continues
December 1, 2001
Diamond Select is soliciting orders for its first Marvel 3-d product to ship in February -- the Ultimate Storm Bust based on Ultimate X-Men .
Dark Knight Strikes Again
November 28, 2001
For the first time in recent memory, initial U.S. orders on a comic title by pop culture stores have topped $1 million retail.
Quantity Estimates Based on Diamond Title Indexes and External Title Data
November 28, 2001
Estimated quantities for initial orders for comics shipping in December from pop culture stores ordering from Diamond U.S.
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