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Hobby Builds for the Future
June 20, 2002
Ron Palmisano, the owner of Galactic Goods Cards and Comics in Kenner, Louisiana, was prompted by the unavailability of Yu-Gi-Oh to send us this comment, comparing it to the early days of Pokemon.
We Can't Get Them, But Others Can
June 18, 2002
Our article on Yu-Gi-Oh and the retailer response prompted this Canadian retailer to bemoan the lack of product in their channel.
Kids WB Dominates
June 14, 2002
Nielson ratings for Saturday, June 8 released by the WB network indicate that the Kids WB Saturday morning lineup, which includes Yu-Gi-Oh! , Pokemon , and Powerpuff Girls, dominated all the other networks and cable outlets.
Plus Retro, Spider-Man
June 12, 2002
For the first time in May, collectible miniatures games dominated our Top 10 Cool game products, powered by the performance of the superhero-themed Marvel HeroClix CMG.
Viz Answers ICv2's Questions About New Anthology
June 11, 2002
The replies from Viz Marketing Manager Renee Solberg shed new light on what could be an important step in bringing U.S. manga publishing more in line with the Japanese model...
Patterned after Shonen Jump
June 9, 2002
Viz Communications, Inc. and Shueisha Inc. have announced that they are launching a new mass market boys magazine in the US based on Shueisha's Shonen Jump .
'It's Bound To Succeed'
June 5, 2002
The Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectible Card Game made the 'Trend Alert' page of this week's Time Magazine (more than a year after ICv2 brought this property to your attention, see ' 4Kids Nabs Yu-Gi-Oh ') ...
In Run-up to May Release
May 18, 2002
Although the Spider-Man movie did not debut until May 3, its influence was already apparent in the Top 10 Cool products in several categories in April.
FUNimation Will Handle Distribution
May 15, 2002
4Kids Entertainment, the company that's currently handling Yu-Gi-Oh, has established its own internal division to produce and market home videos based on 4Kids properties.
White Hot?
April 28, 2002
Our top-of-the-home-page story on Yu Gi Oh yesterday brought in this response from Bill Eckman of Classic Cards & Comics in Castle Rock, Colorado who says it can't be hot in his store if he doesn't have any.
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