After initial stories appeared indicating that Amazon, the Smallville-like TV series built around the early years of Wonder Woman would not be ready to join the CW network next fall comes word that the network is still holding a spot for DC Comics-based series.  Getting a Wonder Woman series on the air is high priority for the CW Network, which has scored a major success with the DC Comics-based Arrow series this fall, so the fact that the CW has not ordered a Wonder Woman pilot hardly spells doom for the Amazon project.
According to Deadline, the network just doesn’t feel that the series, which is based on a script by Alan Heinberg is far enough along in development to consider filming a pilot.  The CW has also been searching for a charismatic lead for the series, and apparently has yet to settle on an actress even though the network has been searching since November (see "CW Issues Casting Call for 'Wonder Woman' TV Series").
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the CW Network is indeed seriously considering a pilot order for the Wonder Woman project, which according to THR is "still in contention for the fall 2013-2014 season."  The Reporter’s source confirms that the network was unhappy with the script for the pilot episode and is waiting for a final version from Alan Heinberg, whose Wonder Woman graphic novel is the template for the new Amazon series.  The fact that the CW is still holding open a slot for Amazon in its pilot slate certainly does testify to the importance that the project has for the network.

Given all the difficulties that NBC had getting a Wonder Woman show on the air (see "NBC Dumps
'Wonder Woman'
"), the CW’s decision to take the time to get it right may well prove to be ultimately beneficial to all concerned.