According to Natsume Maya, Kodansha's Young Magazine has announced the production of an anime movie based on the Clamp manga series xxxHOLIC.  The xxxHOLIC movie is currently slated for a theatrical release in Japan in 2005.  Del Rey publishes the xxxHOLIC manga here in the States, and while the series has thus far proven to be somewhat less popular than Clamp's Tsubasa, which Del Rey also publishes here, and which has been at the top or near the top of the Nielson BookScan charts for the past month, the production of the xxxHOLIC anime movie should create some increased interest in the property and could eventually help sales of the manga series.


In other anime movie news from Japan, a movie based on the popular Naruto manga (and anime series) is slated to debut in Japanese theaters on August 27.  With the recently announced licensing of One Piece by 4Kids Entertainment and Full Metal Alchemist by Funimation, Naruto is probably the mature anime series with the most sales potential that remains unlicensed for the U.S.