ICv2 asked Ruwan Jayatilleke, the editor of Marvel's new prose line, about the methods Marvel plans to use to differentiate its books for three different levels of readers ranging from grade schoolers to young adults, and adult fans.  Mr. Jayatilleke, who was an Editor in the Scholastic Book Group before joining Marvel and who reports directly to Marvel Publisher, Dan Buckley, told ICv2 that books for the three different targeted groups, '...will be differentiated by a number of factors including cover treatments, the sophistication of the art, the format, where the books are placed (trade/mass retail, direct market), and of course, in the level and style of the writing.'


Mary Jane II arrives in bookstores this month and targets young adult female readers, followed by a Wolverine novel aimed at adults in October, and a middle grade Spider-Man title in November.  Marvel plans to issue at least 12 prose titles in 2005.