Toys ‘R’ Us is hosting a “Trade and Collect” event for the Pokemon Trading Card Game on Saturday, August 12.

The event, promoted as a place to trade with fellow collectors, runs from 1 – 3 pm at all Toys ‘R’ Us locations, excluding express locations, but including “selected” Outlet locations. Attendees will receive a free “Stufful” foil card and a Pokemon Trading Card Game Collector’s Album (while supplies last. A Pokemon coloring activity will also be offered. The latest Pokemon TCG expansion Sun & Moon -Burning Shadows released on August 4 (see “'Pokemon TCG' Descends into Darkness”).

The event is open to children ages 6 and up, with parental supervision, as well as adult collectors. Toys ‘R’ Us will host another Pokemon event on November 11, a week after the Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion expansion releases (see “'Crimson Invasion' Comes to 'Pokemon'”).