DC Comics is collecting Keith Giffen and Alan Grant’s take on gun-for-hire Lobo.  Lobo by Kieth Giffen and Alan Grant Volume 1 features stories written by Giffen and Grant and artwork by Simon Bisley, Denys Cowan, and Giffen.  The cover sports artwork by Simon Bisley.  The 320-page trade paperback will be in stores on Januray 24. MSRP is $24.99.

The volume reprints classic 1990s stories, including Lobo #1-4, Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1, Lobo’s Back #1-4, Lobo: Blazing Chain of Love #1 and Lobo Convention Special #1.  Lobo takes on an unauthorized biographer, Santa Claus, and his own illegitimate offspring in the collection.

Lobo was co-created by Giffen and Roger Slifer as a gonzo parody of characters like Punisher and Wolverine.  The motorcycle-riding bounty hunter made his first appearance in 1983 (The Omega Men #3), and he has made a number of crossover appearances over the years. Earlier this year, DC collected Lobo’s adventures with the Mask (see "New Collection Stars the Mask, Grifter, Lobo, and the Joker"), and he appeared opposite the Road Runner in a DC / Looney Tunes crossover (see "Preview: DC Teases DC Heroes/Looney Tunes Crossovers").  Several attempts have been made to bring the character to the silver screen (see "'Lobo' to (Finally) Come to Silver Screen?").