Dark Horse Comics is planning companion graphic novel anthologies for two upcoming live action adaptations of Disney animated features, the company announced.  Disney Dumbo: Friends in High Places will be released March 26, and Disney Aladdin (Live Action) will be released April 30, both 72-page trade paperbacks at $10.99.  The format is the same as the one previously announced for Dark Horse’s tie-in with Pixar’s Toy Story 4 (see "’Toy Story 4’ Graphic Novel Companion"), due out in May.

The Dumbo volume, with five interconnected stories, will be written by John Jackson Miller with art for the stories by Giovanni Rigano, Alberto Zanon, Paola Antista, and Michela Bovo.

The Aladdin volume will include four interconnected stories written by Corinna Bechko with art by Pablo Vite.

Both movies are live action adaptations of Disney animated classics.  Dumbo is due out March 29, days after the graphic novel release (see "Trailer for Live Action ‘Dumbo’"). Aladdin will debut May 24 (see "Best in Shows – Q2 2019"), offering a longer sales window for the new anthology before the movie releases.