Skybound will release Trial by Trolley, the new game from the folks at webcomic Cyanide and Happiness, who had a big hit with Joking Hazard, based on the webcomic and app (see "$2M ‘Cyanide & Happiness’ Kickstarter Card Game").  The "new dubiously ethical card game" is designed by Scott Houser, not a name on which we could find any credits.

Joking Hazard debuted at #5 on the all-time Top 10 Tabletop Game Kickstarters chart (see "Top 10 Tabletop Game Kickstarters as of March 20, 2016"), although it was subsequently bumped off the chart by bigger projects.  Joking Hazard was a collaboration between Cyanide and Happiness and Studio71.  With this move to Skybound and Studio71’s new collaboration with Dark Horse on Umbrella Academy ("Studio71 and Dark Horse to Develop Tabletop Game based on ‘Umbrella Academy’"), both companies have now moved on to new relationships in the space.

Skybound’s card game Superfight continues to do well, placing at #5 among card games in hobby game stores for the holidays  (see "Top 10 Hobby Channel Card Games – Fall 2018").

Given the histories of these two companies, we’d expect a Kickstarter for Trial by Trolley before any release.