Marvel Comics announced Reptil #1, the first book in a four-part miniseries, which will release on May 26.

Reptil made his first appearance in Avengers The Iniative Featuring Reptil, and has since been showcased in Avengers Academy and Avengers Arena (see "'Avengers Arena'").  Reptil #1 will be his first-ever solo miniseries, and will explore his secret past.  This book was penned by Terry Blas, who commented on the young Mexican-American hero:

"I'm so excited to be making my Marvel debut with such a fun and complex young character,” Blas said.  “He's Mexican-American, like me, and I'm delighted to bring a story with more of that representation to Marvel.  Also, he can turn into dinosaurs and isn't that every kid's dream?"

As his Grandfather’s health declines, Humberto Lopez, AKA Reptil, has taken a break from crime-fighting to take care family matters.  His break ends when a mysterious figure ambushes him, and forces him to delve into his past in order to maintain the trajectory of his future.  Artwork for Reptil #1 was provided by Enid Balam with inking by Victor Olazaba and coloring done by Carlos Lopez.  The cover for this book was rendered by Paco Medina.  

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