Modiphius Entertainment has announced the 2d20 World Builders, a program that allows creators to offer free or commercial 2d20 content through the company’s online portal.

Under the program, fans and designers can create their own content using Modiphius’ 2d20 game system which can then be offered for free or for sale.  Creators will also be able to produce items using the company’s IPs, including Achtung!  Cthulhu and others.  A System Reference Document is available to assist creators who which to design 2d20 material, which includes the game’s core mechanics.

The company will also offer a commercial licensing program that will allow other publishers to create 2d20-based role playing products.  This program will include development and promotional support, and will tie in with the company’s VIA Modiphius program, which was designed to help indie creators co-publish games with Modiphius (see “Two Minis Games Coming Through VIA Modiphius”).

2d20 World Builders will launch in late August.

August will also see the release of Modiphius’ new Fallout starter set (see “Modiphius Announces Preorder for ‘Fallout:  The Roleplaying Game Starter Set’”).