Atomic Mass Games was offering demos of their new Star Wars: Shatterpoint miniatures skirmish game at AdeptiCon 2023. ICv2 captured images of these demos as they were in progress.

Star Wars: Shatterpoint was announced back in November of 2022 (see "Brand-new 'Star Wars' Miniatures Skirmish Game Inbound") with a June 2, 2023 launch date. AMG later revealed two Squad packs for the game (see "Kenobi, Dooku Face Off"), Terrain packs (see "Terrain, Accessories"), and retail support kits (see "'Star Wars: Shatterpoint' Retailer Kits").  At AdeptiCon, the world got a first live look at this new miniatures game and some lucky attendees got a chance to play it.

Like Star Wars: Legion, game unit stats are on cards and much of the action is determined through dice rolls.  The gameplay is objective-based, and the field objective tokens are randomly activated on the board by Struggle cards at the beginning of each phase.  Players need to take control of active objectives by being within about a 2" proximity of them.  Once they take control of an objective, they maintain control of that objective until their opponent takes it away.

The game clock is regulated by a Struggle tracker, which allows players to gain momentum by wounding enemy miniatures and other actions.  Once a player manages to win a Struggle, the game clock gets reset, the winning player gets the Struggle card to score for points, and they flip over the next Struggle card.  Players continue to accumulate victory points in this fashion until the game's eventual end.

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