SDCC News.  J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Amazing Spider-Man, Thor) will be releasing creator-owned work in graphic novels, series, and miniseries through Dark Horse Comics.  The first project is a superhero/science fiction blend described by the writer as "an international geopolitical thriller."

Also planned are individual superhero stories in a similar vein to his previous comics Midnight Nation and Rising Stars.  Straczynski also mentioned titles in the historic fantasy and modern dark fantasy genres.  The intent is to create stories "that are challenging and fun, not nihilistic or too terribly dark."

Straczynski has been working with AWA, writing The Resistance (see "AWA to Publish Collection of Stories from 'The Resistance'") as a foundation for their shared universe, and as part of their creative council to assist in developing their work for adaption to other media (see "AWA Forms Creative Council").  The series The Madness, written by Straczynski and illustrated by Aco, launches August 9 (see "J. Michael Straczynski Writing New Revenge Thriller for AWA").

Straczynski is also writing Captain America for Marvel Comics, with artwork by Jesus Saiz (see "J. Michael Straczynski to Write 'Captain America'").  The comic series relaunches with a new #1 in September 2023.  The creator has also written and executive produced an animated sequel to the Babylon 5 series.  Babylon 5: The Road Home is due out August 15 (see "'Babylon 5' Feature Set").