The SAG-AFTRA strike's end opened up the floodgates of showbiz news being held back till its resolution. It's time for a special mid-week edition of the showbiz round-up!

Netflix has moved the Wednesday Season 2 production to Ireland from Romania, according to Variety.  This series is scheduled to restart production in April 2024.  This series was renewed for Season 3 in early January 2023 (see "'Wednesday' Renewed").

The long-awaited Masters of the Universe live-action movie may have new life at Amazon MGM Studios, according to Variety.  After stalling out at Netflix (see "'MotU' Live-Action Feature Dead"), Amazon MGM Studios is in serious talks, according to Variety's insiders, to develop the movie.  The sources also say that looking to The Lost City's Adam and Aaron Nee to helm the project.

Netflix dropped a variety of teasers for their Geeked Week'23 event.  Starting with their animated projects, they announced Terminator: The Anime Series, from Skydance, Production I.G., and Mattson Tomlin, which will hit streaming soon (see below).  Terminator: Dark Fate was the last movie released for this franchise in an attempted reboot in 2019 (see "'Terminator' Reboot").

They also released a teaser for Ultraman: Rising (see below), which is a new series about how baseball superstar Ken Sato picks up the mantle of Ultraman.  Netflix last released an Ultraman animated series in 2019 (see "Netflix Releaess Animated ‘Ultraman’ Trailer").

On the live action side of productions, Netflix released a teaser for Dead Boy Detectives (see below).  This production, based on a comic series by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner, moved from Max to Netflix at the beginning of 2023 (see "'Dead Boy Detectives' Moves").

Netflix is also working on a third Enola Homes movie, according to Collider.  The screenplay for this feature film is currently being developed. Enola Holmes 2, starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham Carter, released in 2022 (see "Enola Holmes").

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