Pantheon will publish a new graphic novel by Charles Burns, the creator of the Harvey Award-winning Black Hole.  The new book, Final Cut, is the story of a group of amateur filmmakers who travel to a remote cabin in the woods to make a sci-fi horror movie in the same vein as the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  As in his previous work, Burns mixes dream sequences with reality to create an unreliable narrative, and Final Cut makes numerous allusions to the B-movies of the past.  The graphic novel was originally published in French by Cornelius Editions as three shorter albums under the title Dédales.  Pantheon will release Final Cut as a 224-page hardcover on September 24, 2024, with an MSRP of $34.00.

This is Burns’ first new graphic novel to be published in English since 2014’s Sugar Skull, the final volume of a trilogy that Pantheon published in 2016 as Last Look (see “Charles Burns’ ‘Last Look’”), and his first self-contained graphic novel since 2005’s Black Hole (see “Pantheon Releases”).  Fantagraphics Books, which first released Black Hole as single issues, continues to publish Burns’ shorter works, including Kommix, a collection of fictitious comics covers, which is due out in July 2024 (see “Charles Burns Shows Us Comics That Don’t Exist”).