As the X-Men enter a new era with the From the Ashes event (see “Marvel Announces Two More ‘From the Ashes’ Titles”), Marvel Comics is introducing a new team of antagonists in Sentinels, a five-issue limited series by writer Alex Paknadel and artist Justin Mason. Lawrence Trask is back, tasked with the government with reviving the Sentinel Program, which creates sentient robots to fight the mutants.  The first mission for his new team, Sawtooth, Lockstep, Drumfire, and Voivod, is to track down and seize Omega Red, and they also have a dark origin story of their own.  The first issue will go on sale on October 9, 2024, with a main cover by Mason and variants by Nick Bradshaw, Jeremy Wilson, and Chris Campana.

"This book is about flawed human beings doing a dirty job for a dirty cause, and Justin Mason and I are determined to make you care about each and every one of them," Paknadel said in a statement accompanying the announcement.

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