Peter DeFelice of Pyramid Comics and Cards in Sparta, New Jersey saw the news of DC Comics' plans to begin distributing new comics through new distributors beginning this month (see “Retailers Tied to New DC Distributors”), and doesn’t like it.

DC Comics has been making a series of critically bad moves under Jim Lee’s tutelage in recent days.

First, DC Comics was the last to heed the calls of retailers to stop pushing comics down our throats, while the country is under a government ordered shutdown.

Then they pushed forward, until the last possible day, the idea of publishing digital content before print content.  Print content makes up the majority of sales, and in an earlier statement DC Comics stated that they would make all their comics returnable,  Even a small percentage increase of returns would lead to tens of thousands of dollars in loss for DC.

And now DC Comics has pushed forward the idea of taking the two largest comic book retailers and making them comic book distributors, in order to push a limited amount of books to closed stores.  Normally competition is good, except when you are talking about comics, which is a low volume, low profit item.  Which all goes to the question of why?  Are things that financially dire at DC?

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