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Apocalyptic Comic Series Will Come to a Close with Issue #36
February 24, 2021
Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment announced that the Oblivion Song series will end at issue #36.
Column by Scott Throne
February 21, 2021
This week, Scott Thorne talks more about the Pokemon buying frenzy, and discusses another reason why Hasbro won't sell Dungeons & Dragons.
From Dynamite Entertainment
February 19, 2021
Here's a preview of Vampirella: Seduction of the Innocent Vol. 1 TP, published by Dynamite Entertainment.
'Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition' #0
February 12, 2021
DC Comics announced Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0 for release on May 25.
Geek Showbiz Round-Up
February 10, 2021
The geek showbiz news has been flowing fast recently, and we round up the latest here.
Sales Rankings (Units and Dollars) Based on Comic Store POS Data
January 5, 2021
These are unit and dollar sales rankings based on sales tracked at point-of-sale by the ComicHub system at stores selling American comics around the world.
Geek Showbiz Round-Up
December 18, 2020
Hollywood keeps picking up steam towards the end of the year into 2021, and it's time for another round-up!
Posted Image Provides Clues to New and Returning Justice League Members
December 17, 2020
Brian Michael Bendis teased his possible takeover of the Justice League's creative team by posting artwork by David Marquez on his Instagram account.
A Raft of Marvel Announcements at Disney Investor Day
December 11, 2020
Marvel Studios made a raft of movie and TV project announcements at Disney's Investor Day on December 11.
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