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Will Last Into Fall; Accommodations For Retailers Outlined
July 10, 2020
Wizards of the Coast has temporarily suspended Magic: The Gathering in-store play in the U.S. and Latin America into the Fall.
'Frosthaven' Only Part of the Story
July 9, 2020
Dollars raised on Kickstarter for tabletop game projects in the first half of 2020 were up dramatically despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus.
Coronavirus Convention Cancellation Round-Up
July 7, 2020
The cancellations of conventions continue into Q3 of 2020, and the outlook for the remainder of the year has become bleak. Here are the latest conventions to cancel for 2020.
Column by Milton Griepp
July 7, 2020
Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson reached out to communicate the company's position on the topic of last week’s column.
Column by Scott Thorne
July 5, 2020
This week, Scott Thorne thanks publishers for the support programs they offered for game stores during the COVID-19 crisis.
As E-Commerce Grows 18%
June 30, 2020
A sharp divergence between brick and mortar sales and ecommerce is emerging, with online sales expected to rise 18%.
Column by Milton Griepp
June 29, 2020
So DC cuts off a major distributor to comic stores, upending the distribution system, perhaps permanently. What's familiar about this picture?
Column by Rob Salkowitz
June 23, 2020
In a branded fan event, the host controls everything: the program, the vendors, the signage, the data, and every jot and tittle of the fan experience.
COVID-19 Pandemic Creates More Release Date Problems
June 17, 2020
Wizards of the Coast announced more Magic: The Gathering shipping delays in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In Coronavirus Shuffle
June 15, 2020
Four geek films got new dates on Friday, in a new round of moves due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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