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500 Closed
April 7, 2020
Barnes & Noble has closed approximately 500 of its 620 stores at this point in the coronavirus crisis, a company spokesperson told us on Friday, and the remainder are open.
Per Heritage
April 7, 2020
Auction sales have been better than normal during the weeks of social distancing related to the coronavirus pandemic, Heritage Auctions said in an update.
Marketing and Expanding the Base
April 7, 2020
Darin Henry, writer/publisher at Sitcomics, offers this two-step plan for saving comics.
Events Canceled
April 7, 2020
Manufacturing delays have required Bushiroad to push back product releases; the company has also canceled Shop Tournaments and other events.
Nearly 100 Products in 2020
April 6, 2020
Paizo plans to maintain its release schedule for 2020, with plans to release nearly 100 products over the course of the year.
April 3, 2020
April 6, 2020
We wanted to see what the games displays looked like in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, when mass merchants like Targets were among the few retail stores open.
Yen, Kodansha, and Vertical
April 6, 2020
Yen Press, Kodansha Comics, and Vertical Thave announced that they will slow print releases in the coming months in response to the coronavirus crisis, with some variations in approach.
Check Out ICv2's Best in Shows Rescheduled Film Release Database
April 5, 2020
The Disney moves follow rescheduling announcements for other summer films by Warner Bros., Sony, and other studios -- full schedule available here.
'It Was the Middle of a Sunny Day of 1991 in Paris'
April 4, 2020
We received this statement from Humanoids Publishing about the passing of comics and game artist Juan Gimenez from the Covid-19 coronavirus.
'Profits Over Public Safety'
April 4, 2020
Longtime Diamond Comic Distributors executive Bill Schanes (retired) spoke up about the continuation of graphic novel operations in the book channel, arguing they put "profits over public safety."
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