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'Watchmen' #1, American Majority
August 6, 2008
Things changed dramatically in bookstores in July, according to the BookScan Top 20 Graphic Novels chart for the month, with a 20 year old title, Watchmen , taking over the #1 slot and American titles taking a majority of the top 20 positions.
From Fanfare/Ponent Mon in 2009
August 3, 2008
Jiro Taniguchi’s Harukana Machi-e will be published in English as A Distant Neighborhood by Fanfare/Ponent Mon in 2009.
Digital Comic Will Have Print Component
July 25, 2008
Walt Disney Home Entertainment and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment have announced the launching of Time Jumper.
'The Dark Knight' Smashes B.O. Records
July 19, 2008
The Dark Knight continued to rack up the records as it earned a gargantuan total of $155.4 million.
Three Vampire Knight Volumes in Top 20
June 4, 2008
Although Naruto remains the strongest property on the Bookscan Top 20 Graphic Novels for May, with both of the top two spots, Viz’s Vampire Knight also had three volumes in the top 20.
'Best Ever'
May 5, 2008
Keith Mallow of Collector's Comics in Fort Pierce , Florida shares his experience with Free Comic Book Day 2008 and declares it “the best ever.”
Interview with Brian Fahmie
April 27, 2008
We caught up with TC Digital Organized Play Manager Brian Fahmie at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas , and asked some questions about the upcoming organized play program for Chaotic.
For 'Spider-Man Books' in Every Reading Category
April 13, 2008
Marvel has signed an agreement with HarperCollins to launch a children’s reading program.
Free Promo Ties Movies to Pubs
April 2, 2008
Marvel Comics is providing retailers with a free Iron Man/Hulk sampler to interest movie fans in comics.
Promoting 'Iron Man' & 'Hulk'
March 30, 2008
Marvel has announced a deal with Reebok.
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