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UPDATED--Art added!
October 31, 2012
Written by Matt Fraction with art by Michael Allred.
Column by Steve Bennett
October 10, 2012
This week, Bennett asks "who is Wonder Woman" and looks at Marvel NOW!
Title Changes to 'Red She-Hulk' in October
July 12, 2012
Red She-Hulk takes over Hulk with issue #58 in October.
But She's Still Pitching a 'Black Widow' Movie
April 26, 2012
But ScarJo's Black Widow will be on the big screen again.
Now Shipping
December 5, 2011
WizKidsis releasing the next HeroClix expansion in December .
After 'Fear Itself' Comes 'Battle Scars' & 'The Fearless'
July 24, 2011
Marvel explains what happens after the end of Fear Itself .
In Development at Disney XD
July 23, 2011
A new Hulk-centric cartoon is in development at Disney XD.
DVD Round-Up: Week of April 26th
April 24, 2011
Animated TV offerings and cult movies top this week's DVDs.
New Miniseries From Marvel
January 10, 2011
Marvel is launching a 5-issue miniseries Skaar: King of the Savage Land .
'Not Necessarily A Bad Thing, If Done Right'
January 2, 2011
Michael Breakfield of Lone Star Comics in Arlington, Texas joins the discussion regarding Marvel's upcoming Summer crossover.
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