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Salary, Control, & Direction Behind Departure
December 14, 2010
Jon Favreau has confirmed that he will not be directing Iron Man 3 .
But Dismisses Some Claims
December 1, 2010
Judge Colleen McMahon has ruled that the core counter-claim in the litigation between Marvel and the Kirby estate can go forward.
New Voice Talent
October 18, 2010
Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show will return for its second season on Cartoon Network beginning on October 23rd.
To Be Adapted Into Comics & GNs
September 17, 2010
Sea Lion Books has announced the acquisition of comic book and graphic novel rights to P.C. Cast’s Goddess Summoning series.
Cover by Ed McGuiness
August 13, 2010
Marvel has announced the November release of She-Hulks #1, a spin-off from “World War Hulks.”
Photo Parade Continues
July 27, 2010
Our photos from Saturday continue with this second batch of Comic-Con on display.
Lots of 'Number Ones'
April 19, 2010
A bevy of new “Number Ones” were revealed at the “X-Men Panel” at C2E2.
April 7, 2010
RTC23 is launching Marvel Comics character TVs/monitors using technology developed by parent Roundtable Concepts.
'Planet Hulk,' 'Doctor Who,' 'Skull Man,' & Horror Movies
February 1, 2010
Genre titles dominate DVD releases this week starting with Planet Hulk , the latest from Marvel Animation.
Column by Steve Bennett
September 9, 2009
This week, Steve Bennett talks takes a look at the characters Disney could mine from the Marvel pantheon for TV and movies.
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