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Basic Info about Upper Deck
June 28, 2001
Company profile for the Upper Deck Company.
Upper Deck to Pay Konami
January 28, 2010
Upper Deck and Konami notified the court this week that they’ve reached a settlement in their litigation over counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.
Good Job Upper Deck
January 31, 2005
Bob Cosner of Bob's Baseball Cards in Des Moines, Iowa, who was one of the retailers that sent a Talk Back comment on Upper Deck's past release date policies, saw the news that Upper Deck is changing its shipping policy on new Yu-Gi-Oh! releases and gives
From Upper Deck
October 08, 2013
Upper Deck is creating an Alien Deck-Building Game .
YGO Structure Deck
January 31, 2008
Upper Deck will release The Dark Emperor , a new Yu Gi Oh! structure deck, on April 2nd.
'Legendary,' Trading Cards on Deck
November 27, 2018
Upper Deck will produce trading cards and trading card games based on the James Bond movies under a new license.
'Through the Dark Portal' & 'Molten Core Raid Deck'
March 05, 2007
Upper Deck Entertainment is planning two major spring releases for its WoW TCG .
Multi-Player 'Raid Deck' Expansions in November
May 03, 2006
Upper Deck has delayed the launch of its much anticipated World of Warcraft TCG until October 25th.
From Upper Deck
January 08, 2014
Set from Upper Deck will release on January 21st.
Formerly Upper Deck
September 03, 2013
Former Upper Deck PR manager Melia has been hired by Leaf Trading Cards.
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