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Goes Bimonthly in Feb.
January 15, 2003
Wizard Entertainment is changing the name of its anime-themed publication from Wizard Anime Invasion to Wizard Ani me Insider, and ...
Twelve Weekend Mall Events
January 7, 2003
Upper Deck and Konami are kicking off a twelve-week Yu Gi Oh promotional tour this weekend, with events planned for high-profile malls in nine states.
Cartoon Network Down, Kids WB and Nick Up
January 6, 2003
As Cartoon Network increasingly focuses on adult animation, its ratings for kids have been declining, with kid TV powerhouse Nickelodeon and up-and-comer Kids WB taking up the slack.
Deal, Phenomenon of the Year
January 1, 2003
We chose the FUNimation/Four Kids distribution agreement as the deal of the year, and increasing TV exposure as the phenomenon of the year.
Top Product, Company of the Year
January 1, 2003
We chose Bandai Entertainment as the Anime Company of the Year and the Love Hina series as the Anime Product of the Year.
Phenomenon, Deal, Controversy of the Year
December 29, 2002
We chose organized play as the Game Phenomenon of the Year, the Wizards of the Coast divestitures as the Game Deal of the Year,...
Company and Product of the Year
December 28, 2002
We chose WizKids as the Game Company of the Year, and the Yu Gi Oh CCG as the Game Product of the Year.
Top Publisher, Product of the Year
December 28, 2002
We chose Marvel Comics as the Comic Publisher of the Year for 2002, and Shonen Jump #1 as the Comic Product of the Year.
Top November Dollar Sales in Pop Culture Stores
December 24, 2002
A quintet of familiar properties took the top positions in our Top 10 Cool lists of the top dollar products in pop culture stores in November.
'Price Resistance'
December 16, 2002
Rembert Parker of Reader Copies in North Anderson, Indiana saw the recent announcement that Gemstone would be publishing Disney comics and felt that the proposed price was too high for a kids comic.
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