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Plus New Rare CCG Introduced at Screenings
March 11, 2004
The Burger King Corporation will launch a major promotion for Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie , which opens in theaters across North America on August 13.
New Releases & New Tournaments
February 15, 2004
Upper Deck has announced its 2004 plans for its category-leading Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible card game.
Arrives in Stores on December 3
October 30, 2003
Viz LLC is including an exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG card in Shonen Jump, Vol. 2 #1 , which ships to retailers on December 3.
And a Duel Masters Guide
October 8, 2003
In November, Upper Deck is releasing its first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectible Trading Pins as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Duel Masters Guide . The first series of collectible pins will be offered in Yugi and Kaiba Base Sets.
More Defendants Could Be Added
September 30, 2003
Upper Deck, the licensed U.S. manufacturer of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game , has sued approximately 50 individuals and companies for marketing and distributing counterfeit starter decks, booster packs, and individual cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG .
A CCG Card for Every Ticket Sold
September 22, 2003
Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to the first Yu-Gi-Oh! feature film and plans to release it on August 13, 2004. Unlike many current animated features, the new Yu-Gi-Oh! film will be done in the traditional 2-D Japanese anime fashion.
YGO Ubiquity Expands
September 2, 2003
General Mills is bringing YGO products and promotions to the table in the form of cereal, cereal bars, yogurt, and fruit snacks.
Contents Announced
September 1, 2003
Upper Deck has announced the content of the 2003 Yu-GiOh! TCG Collectible Tins.
Currently In Production In Japan
August 3, 2003
Warner Brothers is in negotiations to acquire the worldwide rights (excluding Asia) to a Yu-Gi-Oh! animated feature currently in production in Japan.
Upper Deck & Konami Bring Top Players To NYC
June 22, 2003
The world's top players in both the Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG and the Yu-Gi-Oh! video game will meet on August 10 at Madison Square Garden in New York City to determine the The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships.
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