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To the Kids' WB
February 17, 2005
The Kids' WB, the top-rated over-the-air animation venue, has released some preliminary information about its 2005-2006 season.
Starts Today
February 15, 2005
Upper Deck is unleashing a new round of TV advertising for its Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG .
No Thanks
February 1, 2005
Ron Catapano of Comics Plus in Mount Holly, New Jersey saw the news that Upper Deck was changing its shipping policy on new Yu-Gi-Oh! product and isn't changing his stance on the line.
Sounds Familiar
February 1, 2005
Glen Soustek of Westlake Cards, Comics, and Coins in Roselle, Illinois saw the news that Upper Deck is changing its shipping policy on new Yu-Gi-Oh! releases and is skeptical.
To Give Hobby Channel Advantage
January 30, 2005
Responding to widespread discontent among its game and hobby store customers, Upper Deck is changing its shipping policies on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG to give game and hobby stores an advantage over its mass merchant and other chain customers.
On eBay
December 13, 2004
'Cyber-Stein,' a Yu-Gi-Oh! card first given away at GenCon SoCal a little over a week ago, has been listed on eBay; the most recent bid as of this writing is $25,300.
Eleven SKUs Planned
November 21, 2004
Upper Deck is not slowing the release schedule for its top-selling Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG brand in 2005, totalling eleven SKUs. Upper Deck has now released info on releases through the end of the year, at least in outline.
Spider-Man 2 Out of Top Ten
August 22, 2004
Last week's box office leader ( Alien vs. Predator ) and leading box office surprise ( Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie ) both dropped by over 67% during their second weekend of release.
August 1, 2004
More details have bec om e available on the uncut versions of the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Shaman King DVDs.
Out on DVD This Fall
June 17, 2004
Sources with 4Kids Entertainment Home Video have confirmed that the company will begin releasing the original, un-cut Japanese versions of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Shaman King on DVD this fall.
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