There’s lots of breaking geek showbiz news, which we round up here.

Sony released the first trailer (trailer below) for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, directed by Andy Serkis.  The cast includes the returning Tom Hardy (who also gets a story credit) Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson (as Carnage).  The release date has been moved again to September 24 (see "Best in Shows – Q3 2021").

Marvel has released a new set of six character posters for Black Widow, which opens July 9.  Anticipation is building; the third trailer racked up over 70 million views in the first 24 hours (see "Trailer for ‘Black Widow’").  Posters in Gallery below.

Toei will release a second Dragon Ball Super animated feature in 2022, Toei Animation announced.  Property creator Akira Toriyama has contributed story composition, character design, and even lines of script.  The film follows the first feature based on the current iteration of the Dragon Ball property, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which earned over $30 million in a 2018 North American theatrical release (see "DVD Round-Up: Dragon Ball Super: Broly").

Allnighter, the company formed by Bad Idea execs Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson, along with Amanda Kruse, will adapt the Eisner-nominated webtoon Let’s Play to a live-action series for television, the company announced.  Let’s Play creator Leanne M. Krecic will executive produce.  The romantic comedy has 3.8 million weekly readers on the Webtoon platform, and successful Kickstarter-funded collections (see "Webtoon Comics Platform Running Multi-Million Dollar Campaign").  "On its surface, Let’s Play is a love triangle, but it's also a contemporary, emotionally sophisticated reinvention of the form – one that soon will allow young women to see the loves, aspirations, and setbacks of people like themselves celebrated on screen at long last," creator Krecic said of the property.

The 24th season of the Pokemon anime series, titled Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series, will debut in select markets as early as summer, with others added through 2021, the Pokemon Company announced.  In the new series, Ash and Goh will travel all over the world with Pikachu, Cinderace, and their other Poekmon, as Chloe takes her first steps as a trainer.  The series airs on Netflix in the U.S.

Netflix will stream Arcane, an animated series based on Riot Games’ League of Legends video game, this fall.  The announcement was made on a Netflix Twitter account with a short video, embedded below.