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First Look at Complete Trailer
September 23, 2001
Fans will get their first chance to view the theatrical trailer for the first episode of the Lord of the Rings trilogy during the premiere of the Angel television series on the WB Network.
All Major Summer Hits Bow in Vid in Q4
August 26, 2001
Paramount has announced that Lara Croft: Tomb Raider will be available on both VHS and DVD on November 13. Paramount will release the VHS version of Tomb Raider at a high 'rental' price, rather than the lower 'sell-through' price.
Yellow Brick Road Leads To 7th Heaven
August 19, 2001
Variety reports that David Hayter, the screenwriter who wrote the first X-Men movie and is about to hand in a script for the sequel, is writing a pilot for a new television series based on the 45 novels in L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz series.
Plus the WotC Rumor of the Week
August 4, 2001
A solid crowd of around 25,000 was expected by the wrap-up of Gen Con -- North America's largest consumer show for games--in Milwaukee today.
First Series Ships in September
July 25, 2001
Sideshow Toys has partnered with the WETA Workshop to create multiple lines of polystone collectibles based on the Lord of the Rings films.
New Tick Toys from N2
July 18, 2001
N2, the innovative company that created the highly successful toys based on The Matrix , has released photos and information on its new series of action figures based on The Tick television series, which will air this fall on the Fox Network.
Pocket Books Will Ship in September
July 10, 2001
Max Allen Collins and Richard Piers-Rayner's graphic novel The Road to Perdition never received the attention it deserved in the comic market, but it did raise eyebrows in Hollywood, where this depression-era saga of a hitman's revenge has been developed into a starring vehicle for Tom Hanks.
Boxed Sets and Movie Tie-in Are Flying
July 3, 2001
A recent article in USA.Today highlighted the publishing phenomenon of the summer -- a huge increase in sales of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings books.
Alliance and Diamond To Distribute
July 3, 2001
Fantasy Flight Games plans to announce the acquisition of the Lord of the Rings board game license (formerly held by Wizards of the Coast), with distribution to be handled exclusively by Alliance Game Distributors and Diamond Comic Distributors.
Books that Feature Top Properties
June 4, 2001
The large number of movie/TV books available this season should provide opportunities for a wide range of pop culture stores.
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