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All the News Didn't Fit
August 18, 2002
As we've done with other shows this summer, we're wrapping up our GenCon coverage with all the news that didn't fit in other articles. First, we thought we ought to note that a number of RPG releases were well-received at the show, including...
Retailers To Get $100 Credit (on $1000 Purchase)
July 24, 2002
Book distributor Baker & Taylor is trying to create some synergy of its own by offering its book customers access to the DVD titles distributed by B & T's Entertainment division.
Major Marketing Campaign Planned
July 14, 2002
Sony will release a special 2-disc DVD edition of the $400 million Spider-Man blockbuster on Friday, November 1.
First Release this Winter
July 7, 2002
Fantasy Flight Games of Roseville, Minnesota announced that it has acquired the rights to create board games based on the hugely popular Dragon Ball Z animated series.
Mage Knight: Stolen Destiny Bows in October
June 25, 2002
WizKids, the folks who invented the Collectible Miniatures Game (CMG), have collaborated with Idea & Design Works (IDW) to create a five-issue comic mini-series based on the Mage Knight universe.
Birds of Prey Leads Newcomers
May 29, 2002
Birds of Prey , Firefly , and a new version of the Twilight Zone are going to have to make up for the loss of a number of favorites.
We Talk to Two Medium-Size Retailers
May 21, 2002
This week we spoke to two retailers with medium size stores that also use events to build sales: Chris Petitto of New World Manga and Robert Nicaise of Dr. Bob's Game Shop.
Tournaments, Demos, and More
April 24, 2002
In-store gaming events have become a critical part of marketing games in recent years. W e looked for retailers that run a lot of events in their stores to gain the benefit of their experience.
Studio Steps in Where Mouse Feared To Tread
April 23, 2002
Paramount Pictures has just optioned the 11-volume science fiction series John Carter of Mars , which includes the first published fiction by the legendary Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan .
With a Few Surprises
April 20, 2002
Our Top 10 Cool lists, which rank the best-selling products in pop culture stores, are dominated by franchise properties (with a few surprises) in our rankings for March 2002.
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