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To Stealing $45K of MTG Promo Cards
June 6, 2011
An ex-WotC employee pleaded guilty to the theft of $45k in promo cards.
From 'ICv2's Internal Correspondence' #75
May 27, 2011
These charts of the Top 5 Collectible Games Over-all, Top 5 Mass Market Channel Collectible Games and Top 10 Hobby Channel Collectible Games reflect sales in Q1 2011.
New Game Category
May 27, 2011
The game business in the hobby channel had a great first quarter.
'Why Any Retailer Would Even Consider?'
May 26, 2011
Richard Gain of Jester's Playhouse comments on Spin Master’s RedaKai TCG discount structure.
In Rhode Island
May 26, 2011
Hasbro's moving and cutting games employees.
Closely Linked With 'Magic 2012 Core Set'
May 24, 2011
The digital Magic: The Gatheing--Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 is closely linked to 2012 Core Set.
Column by Scott Thorne
May 16, 2011
This week, Thorne talks about some recent game releases.
May 13, 2011
Matthia McCracken of The Comic Book Shop shares this FCBD report.
'A Good Day'
May 12, 2011
Garrick Crump of G's Comics sends in this FCBD report.
'Went Pretty Well'
May 12, 2011
Ted Yee of Comic Land reports on Free Comic Book Day and the M:TG--New Phyrexia pre-release.
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