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Do Netflix Series
March 28, 2013
The Wachowskis' Sense8 has received a 10-episode order from Netflix.
Include Deck-Building Game, 5th Edition RPG, Tactical Miniatures Game, & Board Game
February 7, 2013
New Shadowrun DBG, RPG, tactical miiniatures game, and Euro-style board game.
Sci-Fi Fantasy from the Wachowski's
September 6, 2012
Check out the new trailer for the new high concept movie from the Wachowskis.
Week of July 24th
July 22, 2012
A gorgeous pricey Star Trek: TNG Blu-ray leads this week's offerings on disc.
The Final Members Revealed
September 8, 2011
At last Cyclops' Blue Team roster is complete.
QR Codes Triggering Video Demos
September 7, 2011
Barcodes can send net-enabled smart phones to video demos.
Lowest Marvel Movie Opening in Years
June 5, 2011
X-Men: First Class hit near the low end of expectations but still topped the charts.
Boom! Studios Publishing New 'Pinhead' Series
December 13, 2010
Clive Barker returns to writing one of his most compelling creations this March as BOOM! Studios releases Hellraiser #1.
From Arcana Comic
July 28, 2010
New company Luximation is producing a 3-D animated feature based on Arcana Comics property The Clockwork Girl .
Stranger Comics' 'The Untamed'
July 23, 2010
Watchmen produced Lloyd Levin has acquired the rights to Sebastian A. Jones’ Webcomic, The Untamed.
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