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On G.I. Joe, Transformers, Harry Potter CCG
October 24, 2001
Hasbro announced its third quarter earnings this week, and the news was better than expected. On sales that were down to $893 million from $1.1 billion a year ago, the company earned $50.6 million, compared to $13.8 million in 2000.
Tortured Souls Top Toys
September 20, 2001
The biggest surprises at the top of the lists in August are the #1 toys product -- Clive Barker's Tortured Souls from Mcfarlane -- and the #1 anime -- the El Hazard OVA DVD box set.
Licenses WotC Property
September 18, 2001
Former WotC Vice President Ryan Dancey has announced the formation of OrganizedPlay, a new company. It has signed a five year license with WotC for the use of Living City of Raven's Bluff .
Fireworks Television To Produce
September 18, 2001
Wizards of the Coast property Forgotten Realms has been licensed to Fireworks Television, a division of CanWest Entertainment. Fireworks will develop a live action television series based on the game setting and novels.
They Like It
August 29, 2001
A few weeks back, we let you know that Wizards of the Coast was cracking down on abusers of the Open Gaming License for its d20 game system, and promised a follow-up after we'd had a chance to talk to some more members of the industry.
Here's How It Works
August 29, 2001
There are actually four different types of products involved when talking about d20 and the Open Gaming License, each with its own markings and characteristics.
Consolidated into Games Division
August 29, 2001
Hasbro has announced that it will be consolidating Wizards of the Coast, formerly a semi-independent division, into its games division.
Shipping Summer 2002
August 18, 2001
WizKids, the creators of Mage Knight , the pioneering 'collectible miniatures game,' announced an agreement with Marvel that will result in the creation of a Marvel CMG that will bow in the summer of 2002.
COO Parker Quashes Rumor
August 13, 2001
When we were finally able to reach him for comment, Diamond COO Chuck Parker laid to rest the rumor that Diamond owner Steve Geppi had made an offer for Wizard of the Coast's TSR division.
Products Will Be Reviewed
August 8, 2001
Wizards of the Coast is going to enforce exact compliance with the Open Gaming Licensing agreement.
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