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Five Extra Pages in Every Book
April 8, 2002
Marvel has announced final details of its May Insert program, which will encompass every comic the publisher will release that month to sample the additional readers that are expected to pick up comics as a result of the Spider-Man movie.
THQ Also Developing 'The Call'
April 8, 2002
Marvel announced a new agreement today with THQ, Inc to create a series of videogames based on the classic Marvel characters Captain America , The Punisher , and Nick Fury .
May End Up as TV Series
April 7, 2002
Comics2Film reports that Dimension Films has bagged its adaptation of Marvel's Cloak And Dagger.
80s Titles Top Comic and Graphic Novel Lists
April 1, 2002
Both the top-selling comic and the top-selling graphic novel ordered by pop culture retailers for April are for properties initially popular in the US in the 1980s.
Quantity Estimates Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
April 1, 2002
Estiumated quantities for initial orders on comics shipping in April 2002 from pop culture stores ordering from Diamond US.
Ang Lee Helms Saga of the Not So Jolly Green Giant
March 28, 2002
Another key Marvel-based film project moved closer to fruition as director Ang Lee ( Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ) began principal photography on The Hulk .
Fox Eyes Jan. 2003 Release
March 26, 2002
Just ten years ago it appeared that Marvel couldn't get a movie made to save its life. How times have changed. This week the second Blade film topped the box office, and everyone expects that Sony/Columbia's Spider-Man movie is going to be one of this summer's biggest hits.
Second Largest March Opening Ever
March 25, 2002
Blade II strolled into 2,707 theaters on Oscar weekend and promptly cut the competition down to size by earning over $33.1 million, the second largest March opening ever.
March 1992 in the Pop Culture Products Industry
March 7, 2002
We took a look at the archives of Internal Correspondence , the print predecessor of ICv2...
No DKSA or Origin Means No Big Comic Hits this Month
March 4, 2002
The best-selling comic title for March 2002, New X-Men , has initial raw orders to Diamond US of only around 104,000 copies, the lowest quantity for a #1 comic title since April of last year.
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