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Make Sure Hobby Has Product When They Need It
September 29, 2002
Mark Amoroso of Blackthorn Gamecenter in Dickson, Tennessee saw our article on Toys R Us adding Wizkids' Marvel HeroClix to its mix nationwide and sent us his opinions on it.
'The Bad Guy' Offs the Good Guys
September 28, 2002
Paramount's optioning of the comic book The Bad Guy may be 'counter-programming' in the face of Hollywood's current wave of superhero films.
September 23, 2002
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Prefers X-Men 2
September 23, 2002
Bookseller T.W. Adair of Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle in New York City prefers X-Men 2 as the anchor event for FCBD 2003, but also sees potential for The Hulk .
Make it X-Men 2
September 23, 2002
Gail Burt of Metropolis Comics saw the essays on which movie should be the anchor event for Free Comic Book Day 2003 and sent us this comment, preferring X-Men 2.
Including Associated Articles
November 18, 2008
ICv2's popular monthly Top 300 Comics and Top 300 Graphic Novel lists have now been archived for your convenience.
X-Men II or Hulk?
September 21, 2002
We recently reported that comic retailers are being asked to vote on which Marvel movie weekend they would like Free Comic Day 2003-- X-Men 2 or Hulk . FCBD founder Joe Field prefers X-Men 2 while Marvel EIC Joe Quesada prefers the Hulk . Here are their essays on why.
Retailers Voting for Movie Tie-in
September 16, 2002
Plans for Free Comic Book Day 2003 are underway, and the first order of business is selecting a date. To do so, the committee charged with organizing the event is taking a comic retailer poll via the Diamond Website between two major comic-based movie releases.
Plus Retro, Spider-Man, X-Men
September 1, 2002
Marvel's Ultimate line was the strongest presence in the top ten comics ordered by U.S. pop culture stores for September, with four of the top ten.
Quantity Estimates Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
August 31, 2002
Estimated quantities for initial orders on comics shipping in September 2002 from pop culture stores ordering from Diamond US.
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