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First Edition CCG Sold Out
March 21, 2002
The Kids WB Network has announced that the Yu-Gi-Oh series, which has been a part of the Kids WB Saturday morning lineup, will be broadcast six days a week starting on April 1.
The Industry Gathers in Las Vegas
March 11, 2002
The game industry gathers in Las Vegas next week, in a year that looks to have continuing change after a tumultuous, mostly successful 2001.
Yu Gi Oh Bows, He-Man Returns (Finally)
February 19, 2002
Like Hasbro with G.I.Joe, Mattel has brought back a proprietary line from the 1980s, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe .
Strengthens CCG Biz
February 17, 2002
In a flurry of activity, Upper Deck is making a series of moves to strengthen its CCG business.
With Technology Leading the Way
February 11, 2002
Just twelve months after the major toy companies were talking about preferring 'play value' over 'property recognition,' licensing is back thanks to strong fourth quarter performances from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and the continuing sales of merchandise associated with perennial TV series like the Simpsons.
Outbids DIC and Nick for Saturday Morning
January 23, 2002
4Kids Entertainment, the company that packages Pokemon , Yu-Gi-Oh , and Cubix, outbid both DIC Entertainment ( Sailor Moon ) and Nickelodeon for the four-hour Saturday morning block.
First Products To Ship in March
January 2, 2002
Upper Deck has announced that it has acquired the license to produce and market the English language version of the Yu Gi Oh CCG , the game that took off when Pokemon declined in Japan.
Most Important to Retailers
December 27, 2001
Here are ICv2's Top Five Anime Stories of 2001. These rankings are based on the business impact of these events on pop culture retailers. 1.Anime spreads out. A nime is reaching more deeply into America pop culture in a variety of ways, and seems stronger than ever.
Fox and NBC Plan Big Changes
November 21, 2001
Fox recently dropped its daytime cartoon block, and today Variety reports that the network is considering a number of scenarios for Saturday morning, most of which will spell the end for the four-hour, anime-laden Fox Kids Saturday lineup.
Prime Saturday Morning Slot
October 22, 2001
Mon Colle Knights , short for 'Monster Collection Knights' was already a popular collectible card game when the tremendous success of the Pokemon anime provided the impetus for the production of an anime version of the Mon Colle Knights game.
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