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Adams to Take Sabbatical, 'New Creative Role'
July 25, 2018
Adams, the company’s founder and chief executive for its first 20 years, will take a short sabbatical and return in an unspecified creative role.
As Holding Company Losses Grow
July 16, 2018
Sales by IDW's publishing division declined nearly a half million dollars in the company's fiscal second quarter ended April 30 to $4.4 million, but operating losses improved.
Contributing to a Quarterly Loss
May 17, 2018
Sales in its publishing division were down 19%.
IDW CEO Latest Addition
February 23, 2018
IDW Media Holdings CEO Ted Adams has joined the board of directors of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
On Publishing Declines
January 30, 2018
IDW Media Holdings, Inc. reported a loss for the fiscal year ended October 31, 3017, on sales declines in its IDW Publishing (including IDW Games) and CTM divisions and a slight sales increase at IDW Entertainment.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
November 20, 2017
I'd like to take a moment during Thanksgiving week to take note of the parts of geek culture I appreciate, for as long or as briefly as they endure.
As IDW Re-Organizes Publishing
November 14, 2017
IDW President and COO Greg Goldstein is adding the Publisher role at IDW Publishing, the company announced today.
As It Builds Up TV
September 17, 2017
IDW Media Holdings, Inc. reported lower sales and profits in its fiscal Q3 ended July 31, 2017, while gearing up its Entertainment division behind three TV shows.
August Sales Trends, Market Shares, Top 10s
September 8, 2017
August was another tough month in a tough year for comics and graphic novel sales in comic stores.
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