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Hasbro, 'Star Wars', Nasdaq, More
August 15, 2017
In Part 2, we talked about what IDW’s doing with its key licenses Hasbro and Star Wars , the status of its move to an exchange listing, and the company's key releases in comics and games for the rest of 2017.
Lost $1.8 Million in Most Recent Quarter
June 26, 2017
IDW Media Holdings has announced a private placement, one step of several announced over the past few days to increase the cash available to the company as it invests in growth.
In Its Fiscal Q1
March 23, 2017
Sales by IDW Media Holding’s publishing division, which includes IDW Publishing, Top Shelf, and IDW Games, were up 20% for the quarter.
In Portland
February 8, 2017
LeftField Media, LLC, has invested in Portland, Oregon’s Rose City Comic Con.
New Card Game From Co-Creator of 'Caffeine Rush'
February 7, 2017
IDW Games is putting a rather furry twist on the deduction game with its upcoming release, Purrrlock Holmes Furriarty’s Trail.
In Down Year for Publishing
February 3, 2017
IDW Media Holdings reported a net profit of $3.7 million for the year ended October 31, 2016.
January 20, 2017
Shares of IDW Media Holdings, Inc. have moved up two tiers to the OTCQX, the top tier for trading over-the-counter stocks.
After Three Months of DC Wins
November 11, 2016
Marvel was once again the #1 comic publisher in comic stores in October, according to rankings released by Diamond Comic Distributors.
As Comic Publishing Declined
September 20, 2016
Sales and profits at IDW Media Holdings, parent of IDW Publishing and IDW Games, were up in its fiscal third quarter ended July 31.
Up Over 31% vs. Last Year
September 16, 2016
Sales to comic stores by Diamond Comic Distributors in North America were up a whopping 31.62% over the same month a year ago in August.
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