Here is the latest news on geek films.

The Tomb Raider reboot will be directed by Roar Uthaug, the director of the Norwegian action/disaster movie The Wave, according to THR. Already five years in development by MGM and Warner Bros., Tomb Raider will reportedly be the story of Lara Croft's first adventure. This will be Uthaug's first movie directed in English. Despite being nearly synonymous with the film franchise, Angelina Jolie is not expected to return (see "GK Films Rebooting 'Tomb Raider'").

Matthew McConaughey is reportedly in discussions to play The Man in Black in a film adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, according to Variety. One possible complicating factor for any actor taking The Man in Black role is the necessity of a very long commitment: the character is a central villain throughout the eight-book fantasy-horror series. This news is more evidence that work is being done in bringing the long-languishing project (see "'The Dark Tower' Rises Again in Hollywood") to the big screen.

According to THR, Prometheus 2 will be a part of a trilogy of prequels to Alien. Twentieth Century Fox also confirmed that the title of the second of these movies has been changed to Alien: Covenant, so named after the ship Covenant introduced in the movie. Fox also revealed some plot details, sharing that the movie will feature a colony ship arriving in an uncharted paradise, coming across David, the synthetic human featured in Prometheus, and learning of the secret dangers of the planet. There is no word how expanding to a trilogy will affect Neill Blomkamp's Alien sequel, which has been delayed (see "Geek Movie News Round-Up").

Animation company Film Roman has been acquired by Waterman Entertainment, according to Deadline. Film Roman is known for its work on The Simpsons and Disney XD/Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man. Steve Waterman, Waterman Entertainment's founder, stated that it would help Film Roman expand its business of creature original content as well as further development of Waterman's titles such as Brave Little Toaster and more. Film Roman's acquisition is another in a series of changes the company has seen in recent years (see "Starz Selling Film Roman").

Action-movie director Doug Liman is in final negotiations to direct the X-Men spin-off Gambit, according to THR. The movie lost director Rubert Wyatt due to scheduling conflicts (see "'Gambit' Loses Director"). Liman has not yet signed on, and faces potential competition from two other directors, Shane Black (Iron Man 3) and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block). A decision needs to be made soon, however; the film is due for release on October 7, 2016 (see “Best in Shows--Q4 2016”).

Martial artist Scott Adkins is rumored to be joining the cast of Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange, according to CBR. What role the Bourne Ultimatum actor would play has not been stated. Filming for the movie, which is set to open November 4, 2016, has already begun (see "Michael Stuhlbarg Joins 'Doctor Strange'").