New York Comic Con unleashed a fury of TV trailers upon the masses, and we are here to round them up!

The CW unveiled a new trailer for Riverdale S4, which is set to release on October 4. Archie receives a phone call informing him of his father's death, which turns his world upside down. Fred, Archie's father, was played by the late Luke Perry who passed away in real life, and the new trailer offers some insight as to how Riverdale intends to deal with the resulting sudden change in storyline (see " 'Perry's Death Shuts Down 'Riverdale,'").

AMC released a trailer for the third spinoff of the The Walking Dead series scheduled to air in Spring 2020. The new series will feature the "Endlings", the first generation born post-zombie apocalypse, and will be more oriented toward a young adult audience. Also, the rights to this spinoff have been pre-purchased by Amazon for international distribution (see "'TWD' Spinoff Goes International Via Amazon").  

Netflix released a trailer for Lost in Space 2, which is set to return on December 24. The Robinson family was last heard from when Legendary Comics released a prequel chronicle last year (see "'Lost in Space' Returns to Comics").

Marvel Entertainment and Hulu unveiled a new trailer for Runaways S3. This series was renewed by Hulu back in March,  and will premiere on December 13 (see "'Runaways").

Amazon revealed a trailer for The Expanse S4 which will premiere of December 13. In July, they announced that they had ordered S5 for the series as well (see "The Expanse'").

TNT showed an animated teaser for the upcoming Snowpiercer series, which is set to release in Spring 2020. Snowpiercer was moved to TBS from TNT but now, it's back again on TNT as of this Fall (see "'Snowpiercer' Switches Tracks") .