An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 is pleased to announced that it has launched its annual Manga Week event, sponsored this year by VIZ Media and Tokyopop.  During Manga Week, ICv2 will feature special manga content, including tips and trends, news, and interviews.

"ICv2 has supported the growth of manga in the North America since its first incarnation as a trade magazine in the 1980s,” ICv2 Publisher Milton Griepp said of the event.  "We’re proud to continue that tradition with our 2019 event, tracking the latest trends and helping retailers find new ways to sell this crucial category.  Manga Week allows us to explore issues around this changing market in depth, and we want to thank our sponsors, VIZ Media and Tokyopop, for their support."

ICv2 kicked things off with a comprehensive overview of yuri, one of the fastest-growing subgenres in manga sales and a look at the bestsellers for the most recent season.  Here's the full linked list of Manga Week articles:

Top 10 Manga Franchises - Fall 2018
Yuri Manga 101
Dark Horse Licenses Their First Food Manga
ICv2 Interview: Stu Levy Talks Tokyopop
'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' Trailer Features Mewtwo, Charizard, Licktung, and Ludicolo
Udon Announces Three Anime and Game Books
New Generation 8 'Pokemon' Games Announced
VIZ Sales Grew, Manga Market Expanded in 2018, Top Opportunities for 2019
Preview: McFarlane Toys 2019, Part 1
Manga News: VIZ, Yen Press, Seven Seas Announce New Manga
ICv2 Interview:  Manga at Titan Comics
VIZ Sent Google Over 200 Million URL Takedown Notices

Watch ICv2 every day during Manga Week for more on what's happening in this critical segment of the graphic novel market.