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January 2023


Lead Designer of 'Vampire: The Masquerade 5E' Shot on the Streets of Chicago
Kennith Hite, lead designer of Vampire: The Masquerade 5E under White Wolf Publishing, was shot in the leg on the streets of Chicago.

'Dungeons & Dragons' OGL 1.1 Furor
A leaked draft of Wizards of the Coast's new version of the Open Gaming License is causing a furor among RPG designers, publishers, and consumers.

Wizards of the Coast Backs Down on OGL (in Part)
WotC is delaying the release of its new version of the Open Gaming License, and promising changes from the draft leaked last week.

Paizo Leads Game Company Revolt Against OGL Changes
Paizo has pledged to create a new system-agnostic Open RPG Creative License that will serve the same function as Wizards of the Coast's new OGL in an open, perpetual, and irrevocable form.

Free League Publishing Announces Development of Two OGLs
Free League Publishing announced that they are developing two Open Gaming Licenses.

Paizo Runs Out of 'Pathfinder Core Rulebooks' until April 2023
Paizo, Inc. revealed that they have run out of Pathfinder Core Rulebooks until April 2023.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

Confessions of a Comic Book Guy -- This Week In Outrage
This week, columnist Steve Bennett talks about a pregnant Joker and HBO Max's Velma.

Bloodbath at ComiXology
Mass layoffs at Amazon company ComiXology, which retails and publishes digital comics, began.  

IDW Publishing Posts Big Losses
IDW Publishing posted big losses in its fiscal Q4 and first year ended October 31, 2022.

Regal Shuts Down 39 Theaters
Regal Cinemas closed 39 movie theater locations.

In the Digital Comics Space, GlobalComix Offers Signs of Life Amid the Wreckage
Columnist Rob Salkowitz takes a look at the changing landscape of digital comics and an up-and-coming (relative) newcomer.

February 2023


Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Hall of Fame Class of 2023 Announced
GAMA and the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design announced their Hall of Fame inductees for 2023.

Wizards of the Coast Announces Changes to 'Magic: The Gathering' RCQ System
Wizards of the Coast announced some changes to the Magic: The Gathering Regional Championship Qualifier system, which will begin with Round 1 of Season 2 in 2023.

Games Workshop Sales Flat in North America
Games Workshop reported flat sales at constant currency in North America for the six months ended November 27, 2022 in its half-year report.

Holy Grail Games Folds
Holy Grail Games has ceased operations, effective immediately, after six years in business.

Stonemaier Games Shares Tabletop Games In-print Vs. Digital Sales Totals
Stonemaier Games shared some totals for number of tabletop games in print vs. their digital sales totals for their board game lines in a recent article.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

Superhero Comics Are in a Creative Rut. Who, If Anyone, Will Fly to the Rescue?
This week, columnist Rob Salkowitz looks at the future of superhero comics.

Book Channel Graphic Novel Sales Dropping in 2023
Manga was the biggest contributor to 2023 year-to-date graphic novel unit sales declines in the book channel, according to NPD BookScan.

Phil Seuling: The Man Who Invented the Direct Market
Phil Seuling saved comics, invented the Direct Market, and pioneered the modern comic con. So why haven't you heard of him?

Comics Direct Market 50th Anniversary
ICv2's complete coverage of the past, present, and future of the comics Direct Market.

ICv2 Interview: VIZ Media's Kevin Hamric on Manga Sales Trends, Supply Chains, Best Practices, More
We spoke to Hamric about Viz’s unprecedented sales, why they are keeping basic manga at $9.99 a volume, and what to expect from Rooster Fighter and other fall releases.

March 2023


Union Wins Election at TCGplayer
Over 60% of the workers voting in the election voted in favor of the union.

Games Workshop Announces New Edition of 'Warhammer 40,000'
Games Workshop announced a new edition of Warhammer 40,000, which will release in summer 2023.

ICv2 Interview: Catalyst Game Labs' Loren Coleman
We asked Coleman about the surprising renaissance in BattleTech sales, and discovered how Kickstarter blew up the brand, leading to a boom in trade sales.

The JDS Perspective -- Parting Shots for ICv2 Miniatures Week 2023
ICv2 Managing Editor Jeffrey Dohm-Sanchez wraps up Miniatures Week by tying up a few loose ends regarding BattleTech, painting events, and building a Warhammer 40,000 army.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

Image Comics Union Ratifies Contract
Image Comics is the first comics publisher in the U.S. to unionize.

Funko Swings to Loss
The medicine for the company’s situation will be bitter, including a reduction in workforce, other cost cuts, and the destruction of excess inventory.

IDW Publishing Loses $335,000 in Fiscal Q1
IDW Publishing posted big losses in its fiscal Q4 and first year ended October 31, 2022.

2022 Comic Store Sales: Boom Cycle Goes Bust
ICv2 got the hard sales data from a number of retailers comparing September - December 2022 to the same period in 2021.

Perlmutter Out, Feige Now Buckley's Boss
Marvel Entertainment, which includes the comics division, will be folded into other units of Disney.

April 2023


R.I.P. Klaus Teuber
CATAN Studios published a news release announcing the passing of Klaus Teuber, the legendary game designer and creator of Settlers of Catan, at age 70.

Stonemaier Sales Declined in 2022
Stonemaier Games sales declined in 2022, with sharply reduced sales of the Wingspan core game an important factor.

Toy Industry Ventures into Uncharted Territory as Rivals Hasbro and Mattel Team Up
Hasbro and Mattel have signed a multi-year licensing agreement to make crossover co-branded toys and games.

'Magic: The Gathering' 'LotR' Collector Booster Boxes Boffo Preorder; Early Signs of TCG Category Growth in 2023
Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond: The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth - Collector Booster Boxes made a huge splash on the March 2023 TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed Products chart.

The Pokemon Company Sells Out of 'Pokemon TCG' Products in Japan
The Pokemon Company released an official statement on their Japanese website explaining that they are out of stock on all Pokemon TCG products in Japan.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

Recent Comic Biz Departures: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye
Columnist Rob Salkowitz looks at some recent departures, including Lance Fensterman, Ike Perlmutter, and more Silver Age creators.

Abrams ComicArts to Go from Imprint to Division, Add Manga & International Titles

The new division also announced some of its Fall 2024 MarvelArts titles and graphic adaptations.

'Super Mario Bros.' Sets Record
Super Mario Bros set a five-day U.S./Canada box office record of $204.6 million, making it the #1 five-day opening in history.

R.I.P. Al Jaffee
Jaffee invented the Fold-In that was a regular back-cover feature of MAD Magazine for decades.

Former comiXology Execs to Mix Digital and Print with New Publisher, DSTLRY
The new publisher will publish collectible single-issue comics in print and digital, and will give creators a stake in the company.

IDW Lays Off 39% of Staff, Delists Stock
IDW Media Holdings is cutting 39% of its workforce, voluntarily delisting from the NYSE American, and replacing its CEO with the largest shareholder's son.

May 2023


Rolling for Initiative -- Wizards of the Coast's Not-so-great Couple of Weeks
This week, columnist Scott Thorne discusses Free Comic Book Day, Wizards of the Coast's not-so-great couple of weeks, and the passing of John Sepenuk.

Fantasy Flight Games Offers First Look at 'Star Wars: Unlimited' TCG Cards
Fantasy Flight Games offered up a first look at some of the cards for their new Star Wars: Unlimited TCG.

Catalyst Launches Board Game Division
The first project for Catalyst Game Labs' new Board Game division will be Overlords: In Training.

Wizards of the Coast Abruptly Ends 'Magic: The Gathering' 'From Cute to Brute' Sale
Wizards of the Coast ended its From Cute to Brute sale, which offered up a $149.99 Magic: The Gathering Commander Deck as a Secret Lair drop set.

Bad News in Embracer Earnings
Management delivered bad news in the earnings report for Embracer Group, despite growth in its tabletop game and comic and film divisions.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

IDW CEO Davidi Jonas Interview Part 1: Publishing Plans, Including Output, Retailer and Distributor Relations, Licensed Books, Originals, More
This first part of this three-part interview talks about the company's publishing plans, including output, its retailer and distributor relations, licensed books, originals, and more.

Longtime Archie Character Comes Out as Transgender
The big reveal comes in a new Chilling Adventures comic written by Magdalene Visaggio.

Exclusive: Massive Announces New Imprints, Flagship Line Launch Title
Massive’s first flagship title will be Sean Gordon Murphy’s The Plot Holes.

Image Goes Exclusive with Lunar for Direct Market Distribution
The change will take effect with comics slated for September 2023 release.

Thomas Woodruff Declines Eisner Nominations of 'Francis Rothbart!'
Social media commenters accused both the graphic novel and its creator of racism.

June 2023


Upper Deck Sues to Stop Release of 'Disney Lorcana TCG'
The Upper Deck Company has filed suit to stop the release of Disney Lorcana TCG, and Ravensburger has made an initial response.

Renegade Expands Partnership with Hasbro to Include 'Heroscape'
Renegade Game Studios has expanded their licensing partnership with Hasbro to include Heroscape, the company announced.

Spanish Game Store Ups Offer for 'Magic: The Gathering' The One Ring to Over $2 million
Gremio de Dragones ("Guild of Dragons" translated) game store is offering over $2 million and more for The One Ring 001/001 card.

Embracer Group CEO Announces Layoffs
Asmodee and Dark Horse parent company Embracer Group's CEO Lars Wingefors announced that they will be entering a restructuring program, which will include layoffs across their company.

Mayfair Games to Return
Webbed Sphere, Inc. will launch a line of games under the Mayfair Games trademark and shield logo.

Origins Award 2023 Winners Announced
GAMA and the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design announced the winners of the Origins Awards 2023 at Origins Game Fair.

Someone has Opened 'Magic: The Gathering's' The One Ring 001/001
Dave & Adam's Card World announced, via their Twitter account, that someone has pulled The One Ring 001/001 card from a Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond - Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Collector's Booster Pack.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

TCGplayer Exiting Comics
TCGplayer is exiting the comics business as of June 15; the initiative lasted less than eight months.

ICv2 Interview: David Lee, VP of Content at WEBTOON
WEBTOON's adaptations of novels first published on Wattpad are part of the overall plan to create a new "IP & Creator Ecosystem."

Marvel Drops Lawsuits Against Four Creators/Estates
Disney settled with Larry Lieber, Don Heck, Gene Colan, and Don Rico, but the Steve Ditko appears to be continuing.

'The Flash' Disappoints
The Flash disappointed in its first weekend, opening to a $55.1 million domestic three-day gross, well under Warners’ $70-$75 million expectations

Dockworkers Settle, Teamsters Authorize UPS Strike
A new agreement settled one labor dispute, as another potential supply chain disruption heated up.

July 2023


'D&D Frameworks' Versus 'D&D Frameworks 2.0'
ICv2 took a good look at the new wave of D&D Frameworks miniatures that recently released into retail in June 2023.

Ravensburger Files Motion to Dismiss Upper Deck Lawsuit
Ravensburger filed a motion to dismiss Upper Deck's lawsuit against them over the alleged theft of an Upper Deck game by game designer Ryan Miller that contributed to the creation of Disney Lorcana TCG.

Spiel des Jahres 2023 Winners Revealed
The Spiel des Jahres jury announced the winners for the 2023 awards season.

Jasco Games Rebrands as UVS Games
Jasco Games has rebranded as UVS Games and announced new IPs for the UniVersus CCG system.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

The Direct Market Juggernaut You Never Knew
One of the most massive movers of the direct market was a 14-store juggernaut until a new owner got busted on drug and weapons charges.

UPS – Teamsters Talks Break Down
Talks on a new contract between UPS and the Teamsters have broken down early last Thursday with no new talks scheduled.

Funko CEO Out
Mariotti steps back with a "leave of absence."

The Nanny Leads SAG-AFTRA Strike
Major shake-ups are going down in Hollywood this week, and it's time for a round-up!

World According to Griepp - San Diego Comic-Con 1979, a Direct Market Turning Point
I recently came across the typewritten notes from our meetings at the con that year.

Comic Sales Lag in Weak Spring
Comic retailers reported weak sales for Spring 2023, and there's general agreement that the problem is between the covers of the books that are coming to market.

This Year in San Diego, We Got the Comic-Con We Deserved
This week, columnist Rob Salkowitz shares his thoughts on San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

Diamond Addresses Competitive Issues, Changes, and Postpones Retailer Summit
Chris Powell addressed competitive issues and announced the postponement of the 2024 Diamond Retailer Summit at the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con.

August 2023


Post Malone Buys 'Magic: The Gathering's' The One Ring 001/001
Rapper and singer Post Malone has agreed to purchase The One Ring 001/001, according to a video uploaded to TikTok and Twitter by user Brook Trafton.

Games Workshop Slims Down Channel, 'BattleTech' Bulks Up, 'D&D' Declines
A swirl of trends shook up the miniatures business in hobby game stores in Spring 2023.

Hobby Game Sales Up 7% in 2022
Hobby game sales rose 7% in 2022, as consumer behavior and market conditions normalized, and Covid impacts ebbed through the year.

The Story of One of the Most Epic Disney Lines Ever
The legend of the Disney Lorcanaline at Gen Con 2023 will go down as one of the most epic lines in Disney as well as games industry history, capturing the zeitgeist of the show.

'D&D' Artist Tries to Slip AI Artwork by Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast's D&D Beyond team revealed that an artist submitted artwork for D&D Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants, an upcoming rulebook, that used AI in the creation process.

Gen Con 2023 News: 'Magic: The Gathering' Grand Theft at Gen Con 2023
Gen Con 2023 News: Indianapolis police are currently investigating the theft of over $300,000 worth of Magic: The Gathering sealed product.

Gen Con 2023 News: Gen Con Attendance Breaks 2019 Record
Gen Con has broken their 2019 attendance record in 2023 and renewed their contract with the city of Indianapolis through 2030.

Board and Card Game Sales Softer
Board and card game sales were on a downward slope in the Spring 2023 (January-April) season, as the pandemic-driven demand dissipated.

OGL Mis-Step Shakes Up RPG Business
Wizards of the Coast unintentionally shook up the RPG business early this year, with an overall positive effect on Spring sales.

ICv2 Interview: Ravensburger North America CEO Stephane Madi
We talked about the company's strategy for Disney Lorcana, how Ravensburger sees the roles of its channels, and more.

ICv2 Interview: Free League's Tomas Harenstam
We talked about his view of the RPG market, the impact of Wizards of the Coast's OGL mis-step, and Free League's key fall releases.

ICv2 Interview: Stone Blade Entertainment CEO Justin Gary
We talked about the new SolForge Fusion app that uses the physical deck for digital play, the company's tabletop game release plans, and more.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

Funko Plans 30% Reduction in Products
Funko plans to reduce its SKU count by 30%, Interim CEO Michale Lunsford announced, as the company posted a $73.0 million loss for Q2.

'Calvin and Hobbes' to Be Reissued in New Format
Each "volume" of the set will consist of two books printed in horizontal format and enclosed in a vertical slipcase.

'Barbie' Boffo Tops 'The Super Mario Bros.'
Barbie has become the highest-grossing movie in North America for 2023.

September 2023


'Disney Lorcana' Launches at Mass
Ravensburger announced that Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter has officially launched September 1, 2023 at mass retail locations.

The JDS Perspective -- The Quiet Yet Strong Growth of 'Flesh and Blood TCG,' Part 1
This article series explores the quiet yet strong growth of Flesh and Blood TCG over the last few years.

HABA FAMILYGROUP Files Self-administration Proceedings
HABA FAMILYGROUP, parent company of HABA Games, has filed for self-administration proceedings in a Coburg District Court in Germany on September 12, 2023.

CoolStuffInc Phasing out Board Games and RPGs is phasing out its board game and RPG selections in both its online and six brick-and-mortar stores as the result of a strategic decision to emphasize TCGs.

Renegade Game Studios Continues to Expand Their Licensing Partnership with Hasbro
Renegade Game Studios revealed that they are in the final stages of further expanding their licensing partnership with Hasbro.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

GameStop Collectible Sales Plummet
GameStop collectible sales dropped dramatically in its fiscal Q2 ended July 29, 2023, as the company cut its loss on a slight overall sales increase.

DC Responds to Bill Willingham
DC insists it owns the Fables comics and graphic novels it has published.

IDW Publishing Loses $1.28 Million in Quarter
IDW Publishing showed a loss of $1.28 million in its fiscal Q3 ended July 31, 2023, the result of lower sales coupled with higher expenses.

Studio Ghibli Acquired
Nippon Television has bought a controlling stake in Studio Ghibli.

ICv2 Interview: Hunter Gorinson and Sierra Hahn of Oni Press
Oni's new management team is making some changes, and Gorinson and Hahn explain why Oni is returning to monthly comics, and what that means for the future.

October 2023


'Magic: The Gathering' Shows Signs of Distress; 'One Piece,' 'Disney Lorcana,' and 'Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG' Charge Forward
One Piece CG: Kingdoms of Intrigue Booster Box commandeered the top spot on the September 2023 TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed Products chart. The new chart also offered some new insights into the developing trends in the TCG market.

WotC Ending PRH Distribution of 'Dungeons & Dragons'
Wizards of the Coast is ending its distribution relationship with Penguin Random House for Dungeons & Dragons products, but has assured its customers that the book channel will continue to receive D&D.

Troll and Toad Backs Off on 'Magic: The Gathering'
Longtime Magic: The Gathering retailing powerhouse Troll and Toad will back off from Magic: The Gathering singles and sealed products as of January 1, 2024, after an almost 30-year run selling the line.

Wizards of the Coast Will End Its Partnership with Judge Academy
Wizards of the Coast will end its partnership with Judge Academy on October 13, 2023, after four years.

Van Gogh Museum Promo Card Surge Leads to New Pokemon Center Offer
The Pokemon Company International will release more of the "Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat" promos after they sold out at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

ICv2 Interview: Asmodee USA General Manager Julien Sharp
We talked about the Hobby channel, market trends, plans for the Star Wars Unlimited TCG, and her holiday and early 2024 picks.

Ravensburger Announces 'Disney Lorcana' Plans
Ravensburger has shared some Disney Lorcanaplans for upcoming shipments, organized play, and convention promos.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

WHP Global Launches New Toy'R'Us Stores
WHP Global, the parent company of Toys"R"Us, has partnered with Go! Retail Group to launch new Toys"R"Us stores.

ICv2 Interview Transcript: Paul Levitz of DC Comics, Part 1
In the first part of this interview, Levitz talks about fanzines, fandom, and buying comics in the early 1970s.

ICv2 Insider Talks: Paul Levitz and Jim Shooter on 'Building the Comic Store Channel'
The two industry veterans discussed how the Direct Market both transformed comics and saved them.

Yen Press Licenses 'Black Summoner,' New 'Sword Art Online'
Yen also announced a Trinity Seven spinoff and a new manga adaptation of The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life.

ICv2 Insider Talks: The Future of the Direct Market
Retailers and others discuss how comic shops can survive and thrive in a changing market.

DC Boss Exits Warner Bros. Discovery
Pam Lifford is leaving to focus on a family healthcare issue, and DC execs will now report directly to a dealmaker from Discovery.

November 2023


ICv2 Exclusive: UVS Games Licenses 'Attack on Titan' IP
UVS Games announced that Attack on Titan will be coming to UniVersus CCG.

Asmodee Sales Up, Dark Horse Down
Embracer Group reported sales increases for Asmodee and declines for Dark Horse in its Q3 (July-September) financials.

TCGplayer Authentication Center Union Holds Informal HQ Picket, Alleging Union-Busting
TCGunion-CWA held an informal picket of the TCGplayer headquarters today, and TCGplayer management commented on the picket.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

Comic Stores 2023: 'It's Nearly 2024 and I'm More than Concerned'
Phil Boyle, whose Coliseum of Comics Chain is the largest comics and games retailer in the southeast, has shared his concerns and suggested solutions for comic stores at a time of declining sales.

PRO: Video and Slide Deck: ICv2 White Paper 2023 – Direct Market at 50
At the ICv2 Insider Talks at New York Comic Con last month, ICv2's Milton Griepp presented a White Paper.

The Rise and Fall of Capital City Distribution
On a frigid evening in 1980, John Davis visited the apartment of Milton Griepp, hoping that his friend and recent co-worker would listen to a business proposition.

On the 50th Anniversary of the Direct Market
In this column, former longtime DC Comics executive Paul Levitz looks at why the Direct Market played the role it did in American culture.

ICv2 Interview Transcript: Dark Horse CEO and Founder Mike Richardson – Part 1
Richardson talks about his early days as a retailer and how that led to the creation of Dark Horse Comics.

Drawn & Quarterly Workers Unionize
Following successful unionization efforts at Image Comics and Seven Seas Entertainment, workers at Drawn & Quarterly have formed a union.

Origins, Dominance and Now a 'Gut Punch': The Story of Diamond, the Company that Defined Much of the Direct Market Era
Steve Geppi didn't intend to become a comics distributor.

World According to Griepp: Can Comics Be Saved?
In this column by ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp, he looks at predictions of doom with the long view, and some numbers.

ICv2 Interview: Matias Timarchi and Danielle Ward of Alien Books
Alien just got the license to produce new Valiant titles and launched a new manga line, and the publisher prefers prestige format to standard comics.

Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience on 'Can Comics Be Saved?'
In this Talk Back, Brian Hibbs, owner of Comix Experience in San Francisco, California, provides some thoughts on Milton Griepp's recent column.

Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics on 'Can Comics Be Saved?'
In this Talk Back, Chuck Rozanski, owner of Mile High Comics, comments on the current state of the Direct Market and what might be done to keep it from dying.

Former Marvel Publisher John Nee, Three IDW Veterans Form New Company
The new company is running a crowdfunding campaign for Conan the Barbarian – Colossal Edition.

December 2023


Big Four or Five TCGs Continue to Emerge; 'Disney Lorcana' Hits Pivotal Point in Early TCG Lifecycle
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection Booster Box hit #1 on the November 2023 TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed Products chart. The chart also suggested a few new developing trends in the TCG market.

'Dungeons & Dragons' Goes Postal
Wizards of the Coast revealed the Dungeons & Dragons book release lineup for 2024 at PAX Unplugged.

Hasbro to Lay Off Another 1,100 Employees
Hasbro is beginning another round of layoffs that will amount to around 1,100 employees, with headwinds expected to continue.

Ultra Pro Unveils 'CardPreserver Protective Holders'
Ultra PRO unveiled their CardPreserver Protective Holders, which will hit retail soon.

Zev Shlasinger, Stephen Buonocore, and Other Games Industry All-Stars Launch Play to Z
Zev Shlasinger, Stephen Buonocore, and various industry all-stars launched Play to Z, a new hobby board game publisher.

Comics, Showbiz, and Merch

Mark Millar to Move Millarworld to Dark Horse
Mark Millar has announced on Twitter that he is moving his Millarworld comics imprint from Image to Dark Horse.

Is a Post-Superhero Direct Market Even Possible?
The publishers had more than a decade to try to fix this.

Marvel to Settle with Estate of Steve Ditko
The Ditko lawsuit was the last of five court cases involving Marvel Comics and its creators or their estates.

Top Comics Business Stories of 2023
Columnist Rob Salkowitz's annual retrospective of the stories that shaped our industry in the past year.

Live-Action 'My Hero Academia'
Netflix and Legendary Entertainment are working on a My Hero Academia live-action movie

January 2024

To be continued next year!